The Wedding Party

Here’s a quick peek at our supporting cast. Or as we like to fondly call them, our free labor.


Cindy - Matron of Honor

Sister of the bride, Cindy can honestly say she’s know Michelle her entire life.


Life-long friend of the bride. Keeper of embarrassing childhood photos.


Friend of the bride. Lots more exciting details are yet to be written.


Who says great things can’t come from working at Target? Kara is proof positive of that.


Cousin of the bride and partner in crime for all Sephora-related shenanigans.


Bryce - Best Man

Brother of the groom. Not much else can be disclosed without security clearance.


Cousin of the bride and fellow tractor and crane-loving friend of the groom.


This fellow Eagle Scout and long-time friend of the groom has always enjoyed their self-proclaimed title of being “good at shooting stuff.”

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