Wedding Details

We’re getting hitched then having a party! There are few things in this world that beat Paso Robles in the fall…scroll down to see the details on all the festivities surrounding our wedding.

Rehearsal Dinner

Rehearsal Dinner

November 25th 2016
6:00 PM – 8:00 PM

The Loading Chute, 6350 Webster Road, Creston
Our wedding party is gathering here to celebrate our upcoming nuptials after a run-through of the ceremony. This is a private event, but if we see you up at the bar, we’ll totally buy you a beer!

Main Ceremony

The Ceremony

November 26th 2016
11:00 AM

The Chapel On The Hill, 2995 McMillan Canyon, Shandon
Join us as we exchange vows at the beautiful Chapel on the Hill. This private sanctuary is located off McMillan Canyon, accessible via Highway 46.

The Party

Party Time!

November 26th 2016
1:00 PM

Jackknife Vineyards Barn at Castoro, 6329 Von Dollen Road, San Miguel
We’re official, now let’s celebrate! Get ready for some delicious BBQ and beautiful views at this picturesque outdoor venue.



There are many great places for lodging in the Paso Robles area. A few of our favorites are La Bellasera, Holiday Inn Express and, if you’re feeling really fancy, the Allegretto Vineyard Resort.
We like to fancy things up every now and then, so feel free to wear your favorite church dress and cowboy boots. (Yes, we said “and!”)
Remember to bring a sweater or jacket, as November in Paso tends to be quite chilly – and we’ll be celebrating outdoors!
The more the merrier! But please be sure to RSVP for both you and your guest.
Absolutely. In fact, the children are more welcome than the adults. Really we just let the grownups tag along so that they don’t complain!
We have meal options for the vegetarians, vegans, pescetarians, gluten-free dieters and everyone in between.
Not really. Have you met us? What we can do is provide you with an empty plate and a cup of water. And endless joking at your expense.
Parking at the chapel is very limited, so be sure to bring your walking shoes. We ask that spaces near the chapel stay open for those that are elderly or less able to walk a few hundred yards.

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